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Sustainable development

Learn why and how our council is working to make a sustainable development approach fundamental to everything we do.

At Swansea, we all want a safe, greener, smarter, fairer, healthier, richer Swansea ( PDF Document Corporate Plan on a page (PDF, 312KB)Opens new window). 

We also know that 'business as usual' isn't enough to deliver the Swansea we want in these challenging times. Sustainable development is a way of working that looks at the bigger picture balancing costs and benefits, both now and in the future.

Sustainable Development is about getting the best out of all our resources today, while making sure we have plenty of resources for tomorrow. We have to look again and see the full potential of our city and countryside. Then, use this knowledge to come up with new ways to tackle old problems.

By working with local people so they can help themselves, we can build help stronger communities.  By looking after our surroundings, we grow healthier and by finding new ways to make money and reduce waste, we get wealthier. 

Bringing all these things together, every time we act, is how we create a .

Decision making for the long term
Swansea Council is proud to be leading Wales in addressing challenges by taking a sustainable development approach. To improve decision making by taking explicit account of the long term, a 2040 Plan is in development and Scrutiny Committees are working to embed sustainable development into their processes. A good introduction to the benefits of exploring future trends and the techniques we can use applied in a Swansea context can be read in the WLGA's Generation 2050 ReportOpens new window.

Sustainable governance

The council is committed to embedding sustainable development as its central organising principle.

Sustainable development policy

The council's corporate sustainable development policy sets out guidelines which help services deliver sustainable outcomes for our communities.

Sustainable development reporting

The City and County of Swansea is at the forefront of public sector reporting on Sustainable Development in Wales. The report is published annually alongside the statement of accounts and assesses the council's performance in areas prioritised for action in its sustainable development policy.

Sustainable development awards

The sustainable development unit is recognised across the UK for its leadership in sustainable development. Its approach to integrating sustainable development thinking and practices throughout the organisation has resulted in a number of accolades.

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