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Street naming and numbering

We are responsible for the naming of all roads and streets, and for the naming and numbering of all properties (residential, commercial and industrial) within the City and County of Swansea.

An address can only be created and given a postcode by Royal Mail once it has been officially named and numbered by us. Therefore if you are planning a new development, constructing a new property, converting an existing property, or wish to change the name of a property you must contact us with the address creation or amendments required.

Failure to do so will mean that any address created will not be an official address and this will lead to problems. For example, the address will not be recognised by the Royal Mail, delivery companies or utility services; and difficulties may arise in relation to your registration for voting and the supply of credit cards. Moreover, ambulance, fire and police services may experience difficulty in locating the address in the event of an emergency. 

It should also be noted that we have the power to enforce changes to unofficial addresses in order to ensure compliance with standard conventions and that council policy for street naming and numbering is maintained. It is in your best interests to advise us of new naming and numbering requirements at the earliest opportunity.

Our street naming and numbering guidance and procedure document is available as a download on this page.

How do I apply? 

You can apply and pay online for the creation of a new address or an amendment to an existing address. Our online application forms are available using the links below.

If you require assistance please contact us on 01792 637127 or email

Fees for street naming and numbering

In line with other councils in the UK, we charge for property naming and numbering services, liaison with Royal Mail on the allocation of postcodes, provision of numbered layout plans and notification of new address information to statutory bodies and organisations.

Naming or renaming an existing property

You do not need to submit an application if you wish to add a name to an existing numbered property. However, if you do add a name to a numbered property, you must always remember to quote the property number during all correspondence.

Naming and numbering a new development - small sites

This form is to be used for the naming and numbering of small development sites and where no new roads are to be constructed.

Naming and numbering a new development - large sites

This form is to be used for the naming and numbering of large development sites where new roads are to be constructed. Official road naming will therefore be required. New road names must be approved by the Council.

Naming and numbering a property conversion

This form should be used if a new address is required due to a property conversion. This includes premises that may have been split or merged and covers residential, commercial and industrial premises.

Amendment to a development layout

This form should be used if a development layout is to be amended. Developers of large sites are advised to stage work in phases and consider the expected flow of property numbering.

Street renaming at resident's request

This form can be used to request a street is renamed. At least a two thirds majority of resident and property owner consent will be required before any renaming proposals are considered.

Confirmation of address

This form can be used to verify an address.

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