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Placemaking and Strategic Planning

The Council's Placemaking and Strategic Planning section is responsible for driving forward Swansea's ambitious forward planning and placemaking agenda. The work of the section involves the preparation and monitoring of the Swansea Local Development Plan (LDP), the production of supporting planning guidance, providing specialist placemaking and heritage advice, as well as leading a range of other strategic planning projects to facilitate the delivery of high quality, sustainable development across Swansea.

Swansea Local Development Plan (LDP)

The Swansea Local Development Plan (LDP) 2010-2025 was adopted on the 28th February 2019. Under the provisions of the Planning (Wales) Act, the Swansea LDP forms the statutory development plan for the Council. Together with the national plan, It will be used as the primary material consideration to inform decisions on planning applications and development proposals.

Placemaking and Heritage

The Placemaking and Heritage Team provides specialist expert advice on a range of aspects at all scales in all parts of Swansea. The work of the team ensures that placemaking principles form the cornerstone of planning decision making, and that Swansea's unique and rich heritage is preserved and enhanced for future generations.

Planning Delivery and Monitoring

The Council will monitor the delivery of planning proposals that are promoted in the LDP, and will seek to facilitate implementation of development by means of relevant assessments, including financial viability appraisals. This process is vital to ensure the Council's objectives for placemaking are being met and that proposals are capable of moving towards implementation stage in the manner envisaged. This page sets out the work undertaken, and the information that is available, in respect of the monitoring and assessment of development schemes.

Supplementary planning guidance (SPG)

The Council produces Supplementary Guidance (SPG) on a wide variety of development issues. These provide applicants and decision makers with further information on how the policies of the Swansea Local development Plan (LDP) will be applied. SPG documents should be read and understood to ensure that development proposals are in compliance with the Council's planning policy framework.

Strategic Planning Issues and Projects

As well as the Local Development Plan (LDP) and its associated supplementary planning guidance (SPG), there are a wide range of other strategic planning projects and documents produced to inform decision making and guide the development process. These have informed policy and may be referenced in the LDP.

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