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Scrutiny is done through 'effective questioning' this means asking the kind of questions which get to the heart of an issue to find out the right information.

Scrutiny is led by Councillors. Swansea Council has 72 Councillors who have been elected locally.

A small number of these Councillors are Cabinet Members also known as Executive Members. They are the main decision and policy makers for the Council.

Each Cabinet Member has a different portfolio of services within the Council that they are responsible for.

The rest of the Councillors all have the chance to be a part of Scrutiny. Their role within Scrutiny is to hold the Cabinet Members to account, to be the voice of the public and to help drive improvement of the Council's public services. - Councillors who take part in Scrutiny are referred to as 'Scrutiny Councillors'.

There is also a team of council staff, Scrutiny Officers who provide advice and support to Scrutiny Councillors.

If you would like to find out more about what Scrutiny is working on now, read our blogOpens new window and our newsletters.

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What is the scrutiny process?

The overall work of Scrutiny in Swansea is organised by the council's Scrutiny Programme Committee. This is a group of Scrutiny Councillors who organise and manage what Scrutiny will look at each year.

What is scrutiny working on now?

Find out what is going on in scrutiny.

Would you like to raise an issue to scrutiny?

Everyone who lives or works in the City & County of Swansea can make a request for Scrutiny to look at matters that are of local concern.

Do you have a question for a Cabinet Member?

Scrutiny holds regular question and answer sessions with Cabinet Members.

Scrutiny Reports Library

Welcome to the scrutiny reports library. Here you will find a selection of scrutiny reports.

Archived Publications Page 2014 - 2017

This is the archived publications page that ran from 2014 to 2017.

Are you working with scrutiny?

If you have been asked to give evidence to the Scrutiny Programme Committee or another scrutiny meeting or if you are a co-opted member, then this page will give you the relevant information.

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