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Request a recycling and rubbish service

You can make a request for new bags, a bulk waste collection and help with your collections as well as other services.

Request more recycling bins and bags

If you are unable to collect bags and bins from one of our local stockists then you can ask them to be delivered to your home.

Book a bulk waste collection online

You can request and pay for a bulk waste collection for large items of household waste.

Keep it to 3 exemptions

The vast majority of waste households produce is recyclable. By using our kerbside recycling services, your black bag waste will be minimal. Not all household waste can be recycled though which is why certain households who produce large quantities will be able to apply for an exemption to the limit.

Assisted collections

If you have difficulties carrying your recycling and rubbish to the kerbside to be collected then you may be eligible for an assisted collection. This will mean that we will collect the recycling and rubbish from your doorstep.

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