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Assessment of Local Well-being 2017

The main purpose of this assessment was to inform the Well-Being Plan for Swansea.

This document acted as the start of a conversation about well-being in Swansea. 

At the heart of this assessment are 19 different aspects of well-being in Swansea.

The assessment helped the Public Services Board to identify a small number of well-being objectives. These were included in the Well-Being Plan and will be tackled by public agencies in Swansea working together. 

The Well-Being Assessment can be downloaded at the bottom of this page along with its supporting documents.

This page also includes a PDF Document summary version (PDF, 917KB)Opens new window of the 2017 Assessment highlighting the research summaries and scores for the primary drivers within each outcome.  In addition, the PDF Document 2018 Update (PDF, 679KB)Opens new window document provides an outline of further progress or response from the Board to the proposals identified during the 2017 Assessment consultation.

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