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The planning portal

The planning portal is the first point of call for anyone who wants to find out about the planning system in England and Wales. It is aimed at everyone, from central government and local authorities to planning professionals and the lay person.

For example, through the Planning Portal you can:

  • read the latest planning news
  • determine if planning permission is required and how you go about obtaining access to the development plans, regulations and guidance notes upon which the application and appeals procedures are based
  • find out about planning in your local area

Each section of the Planning Portal offers information on a different aspect of the planning system.  You can navigate between these sections yourself or follow links that will take you to related pages across the site or to other sites that contain relevant information.

You can also specify a location on the Planning Portal.  This allows you to view information specifically designed for your area as well as giving you local contacts which you can use to gain further information.  You can also try searching the Portal for the information you require.

You can access the Planning Portal Web Site using the links below.  Please note that the links will open up in a new browser window.

The Planning PortalOpens new window is the gateway to a wide range of services and guidance on the planning system.

The Planning Portal - Guidance SectionOpens new window provides an introductory description of the planning system. It explains how/why to apply for planning permission and much more.

The Planning Portal - Local Plans SectionOpens new window - Development plans are documents prepared by planning authorities that set out the guidelines for local development. This section lets you discover how a plan affects you and how you can have a say in future plans.

The Planning Portal - Applications SectionOpens new window allows you to make a planning application and send it electronically to your local planning authority along with any attachments, or Complete the forms on your computer then print and send them by post as part of a traditional paper application.

The Planning Portal - Appeals SectionOpens new window- If you seek permission to carry out works to your property and your application isn't decided within a set period, or you get a decision from your local council that you disagree with, you have a right to appeal.

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