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Proposed changes to news and magazine services in libraries

We'd like to get your feedback on our planned service offering for 2021 and how we can help you to make the most of these resources.

Our proposed range of services for 2021

Online and digital news
Swansea Libraries plans to introduce PressReader for all library users. PressReader will provide international, national, regional and local newspapers in a downloadable, image-based format, with up to 3 months' back copies. Features include options to change to more accessible formats and translation into different languages.

PressReader will be available across all libraries and for all library members to access anywhere via a mobile device. This is in line with a general move across Welsh library services to more online provision of news and fewer print newspapers.

Swansea Libraries will also continue to provide access to searchable newspaper content via NewsBank, for homework and for information on a range of topics. Searchable, digitised historic UK regional newspapers are also available via the British Newspaper Archive

The introduction of Overdrive has already increased the availability of magazines online to library members in 2021, via a national subscription and the availability of the Libby App

Our print copy newspapers in 2021 
To complement the universal online offer we are proposing to take the following titles in hard copy:

Swansea Central Library:

  • South Wales Evening Post (Monday - Saturday)
  • Daily Mail (on open days)
  • Daily Mirror (on open days)
  • Guardian (on open days)
  • I newspaper (on open days)
  • Times (on open days)
  • Western Mail (on open days)
  • Sunday Mirror
  • Sunday Telegraph
  • Wales on Sunday
  • Y Cymro
  • Art Review
  • History Today
  • Literary Review
  • National Geographic
  • New Scientist
  • Time
  • Which?
  • Holiday Which?
  • Barn
  • Golwg
  • Lingo Newydd
  • Wcw a'i Frindiau

Community libraries (where local outlets are able to supply):

  • South Wales Evening Post (on open days)
  • I newspaper (on open days)
  • Welsh language periodicals (in selected libraries)

Reasons for these changes to our service include:

  • Some community libraries cannot get delivery of a daily newspaper, so availability across libraries has not been fair. 
  • Online services would not need to be suspended for health and safety reasons as print has had to be for the past year.
  • Price increases for print publications and many on the brink of ceasing publication means we need a more sustainable and reliable way to provide access to newspaper content and to make the best use of our available resources.
  • Digital allows more than one customer to read a newspaper at any time; copies won't go missing or be defaced. A greater range of titles is available to all library members, with extended access to back copies. Availability is from the day of publication and 24/7.
  • A more diverse range of titles in a variety of languages will be available, to make it fairer and more reflective of our local communities.
  • PressReader includes accessibility features such as zoom and text-to-speech functions, which address the inequalities issues associated with just providing standard print. 
  • The environmental impact of discarding print newspapers will be reduced. 
  • Provision of devices for customers without their own to access the digital titles in the library will help ensure access for all.
  • Advice, guidance and demonstrations will be provided to help customers access new services if they wish.

In summary - we wish to provide an online subscription that offers better value for money in addition to fairer, fuller and more reliable coverage. We will also offer a selection of print material that is balanced, sustainable and proportionate, and compliments the digital material.


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