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LDP sustainability appraisal/strategic environmental assessment

This assessment involves consideration of the social, economic and the environmental impact of the emerging LDP.

The purpose of the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) is to promote sustainable development through the better integration of sustainability considerations into the preparation and adoption of plans. Economic, social and environmental objectives must all be considered. 

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) differs from a SA in that it focuses on the likely effects (positive or negative) of the LDP on the environment.  The SA and SEA are undertaken throughout the preparation of the LDP, informing the plan from inception to adoption.  Any references to the SA should be taken to automatically also include the requirements of the SEA.  

Final Sustainability Appraisal Report of the Swansea Local Development Plan 2019

This Final Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Report forms part of the Council's documents for the Swansea Local Development Plan (LDP) and reflects the recommendations of the Inspectors' Report on the Examination into the Swansea Local Development Plan 2010 - 2025.  The report can be viewed via the download section below.


The SA Stages previously undertaken are set out below:

Stage 1 - The Scoping Report
PDF Document The Scoping Report (PDF, 22MB)Opens new window sets out the way that the SA will be carried out. It also identifies the issues that the County must address in the LDP.

This stage was completed in 2011/2012.

A preliminary SA of the Council's draft PDF Document Vision and Objectives (PDF, 545KB)Opens new window  was published in July 2012 as part of a wider consultation exercise.

Stage 2 - Assessment of the LDP Preferred Strategy

The SA of the Preferred Strategy tests whether the Vision, Objectives and Growth Options of the LDP are likely to deliver Sustainable Development and address the issues identified in the Scoping Report. It considers how the plan will impact on the environment and social and economic issues. It also takes into account likely effects on equalities, health and the Welsh Language.

The PDF Document SA Report (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window and PDF Document SA Non Technical Summary (PDF, 770KB)Opens new window were available for public consultation alongside the Preferred Strategy.  Comments received will help inform the Deposit Plan.

Comments made during the consultation period can be viewed via our dedicated consultation web page at new window.

The PDF Document SA Report (PDF, 798KB)Opens new window was revised following amendments to the Preferred Strategy as a result of consultation.

Stage 3 - Assessment of the Deposit LDP

The SA has been an integral part of the process of preparing the Deposit Plan.  A copy of the PDF Document SA Report (PDF, 6MB)Opens new window and PDF Document Appendices (PDF, 817KB)Opens new window (including Non-Technical summary) of the Deposit LDP is available to view.   A separate version of the Non-Technical Summary of the SA Report is available PDF Document here (PDF, 5MB)Opens new window.

Assessment of the Matters Arising Changes and Inspectors Matters Arising Changes

The Council submitted the Deposit Local Development Plan (LDP) to the Planning Inspectorate for Examination in July 2017.  The SA Report was previously updated to take account of revisions made in response to the Inspectors questions issued prior to the commencement of the Examination and was submitted as examination document ED06.8 during the examination process - see

Following Examination Hearing Sessions held between February 2018 and September 2018, the SA Report was further updated to take account of an assessment of the Matters Arising Changes (MACs) and the Inspectors' Matters Arising Changes (IMACs); to improve the clarity/legibility of the document; and to address issues that were raised during the Examination. 

The documents were subject to public consultation (alongside the Schedule of Matters Arising Changes, to the Deposit Plan and the updated Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA)) between 1st November and 14th December 2018 in accordance with Regulation 13 of The Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes (Wales) Regulations 2004.  A copy of the Updated SA Report  report November 2018 and Updated SA Report Appendices document November 2018 together with a Non-Technical Summary  were available to view and consultation responses can be  viewed via the download section at

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