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LDP habitat regulations assessment

Under the Habitats Regulations, the Council is required to assess whether the Swansea Local Development Plan (LDP) is likely to have a significant effect on the integrity of any European Site either directly or indirectly, alone, or in combination with other plans and projects. This mandatory appraisal process is known as a Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA). European Sites are Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), European Marine Sites (EMS) and Special Protection Areas (SPAs). Under UK and Welsh Government policy, proposed European Sites and Ramsar sites are given the same level of protection as designated European Sites and therefore need to be considered by the HRA.

At a Council meeting on 28th February 2019, the Council, as the Competent Authority, agreed the conclusions and findings set out in the shadow Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA), including the HRA update which considered the findings of the Inspectors Report into the Examination of the Swansea LDP. The HRA was undertaken by DTA Ecology Ltd, in conjunction with the Council.

The Final HRA is informed by earlier screening work in respect of the Preferred Strategy and the pre-deposit Proposals Map. It provides an updated assessment to the Deposit LDP (the main HRA), with updates undertaken for the LDP submission in October 2017, February 2018 and June 2018, and an addendum to the main HRA that takes into account Matters Arising Changes (MACs) and Inspectors Matters Arising Changes (IMACS) updated in response to the binding recommendations of the Inspectors' Report, February 2019.

The overall conclusions of the Final HRA is that, providing the necessary mitigation measures are implemented, the Swansea LDP as amended by the MACs and IMACs will have no likely significant effect on the integrity of any European sites.

The Final shadow HRA, including the addendum, as endorsed by Council can be viewed in the download section below.

Further details of the pre-deposit HRA and the preceding updates to the main HRA are available on request by emailing


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