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Development Viability Model (DVM)

The Council has worked in partnership with other Councils across the region, alongside Town Planning and Development consultants Burrows-Hutchinson Ltd, to establish the Development Viability Model (DVM) assessment tool. The DVM has been created as a comprehensive, user-friendly model that can be used by site promoters and decision makers for the purpose of assessing the financial viability of a development proposal.

The DVM is endorsed by the Council as an appropriate tool for submitting required viability assessments in support of LDP 'Candidate Site' submissions.  National Guidance in Planning Policy Wales (PPW), requires that when submitting Candidate Sites "land owners/developers must carry out an initial site viability assessment and provide evidence to demonstrate the financial deliverability of their sites"(PPW, para 4.2.19).    

The DVM can also be used as a tool to evidence the financial viability of a development proposal at the planning application stage.  

Each copy of the model issued by the Council will be 'locked' to relate to a specific development site. The same copy of the model can, however, be re-used to assess more than one proposed scenario for that specific site. To obtain a copy of the model for a specific site, and/or to discuss matters relating to the DVM more widely, please contact the Council on   More information on the DVM is provided below: 

User Guide and 'How to' Videos [links to a subpage on this topic - see p5] 

The DVM is a 'site-specific' appraisal tool that has been produced to work with Microsoft Excel for Office 365, running on Microsoft Windows. A detailed User Guide and some 'how to' videos have been produced to describe how the DVM works; and to set out the information that the user is required to input in the relevant cells.  

Fees for using the DVM [links to a subpage on this topic - see p6] 

The Council can make the DVM available to developers, site promoters, or any other individual/organisation, for the purpose of undertaking a financial viability appraisal ("FVA") of a proposed development.  The model will be released subject to the Council receiving payment of a standard fee.  

LDP Candidate Site viability assessments [links to a subpage on this topic -  see p7-8] 

The high-level review that the Council will undertake of a completed DVM submission in support of a LDP Candidate Site will check the appropriateness of the information provided by the site promoter as part of the appraisal.  The Swansea LDP was adopted in 2019 and covers the period to 2025, therefore the Council is not currently seeking the submission of Candidate Sites but will in due course publicise a call for Candidate Sites to inform the next Development Plan.  

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