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Storage solutions for your recycling

Get tips on how to store your recyclables between collections.

The question our recycling officers get asked most by residents is about where in the home to find space for storing our recyclables. Traditionally we are used to having 1 bin in the kitchen into which we put all our rubbish. Now that we are sorting our rubbish into green bags, pink bags and food waste caddies. It can be tricky to make room for the extra bags. It is certainly easier to maintain the recycling habit if you create your own recycling centre.

The answer to storage solution conundrum is not easy as there is no one solution that will suit everyone. After all we all live in houses or flats of different shapes and sizes, also the amount and type of rubbish we produce at home will depend on how many people we live with.

However, not only do we get asked about storing recyclables many keen recyclers have also shared with us their own personal storage solutions. So here we have combined some of those tips with our own advice. If you have an ingenious storage solution that you would like to share email the Recycling Team on to get your top tips added to this page.

Things to consider when creating a recycling station are location and storage containers.


Kitchen: Usually the place where we create most of our rubbish in the home.

Utility Room: If you are lucky enough to have one they can be a great location especially if you are limited for space in your kitchen.

Garage/shed: If you can find room between the lawn mower and DIY tools this can be a great location especially for storing larger items such as cardboard boxes.

Garden: If the garage or shed is too far to from the kitchen the garden can be a great alternative outdoor containers are also readily available from DIY and homeware stores.

Storage containers

The number and size of containers you choose can depend on how much space you have and how much rubbish you produce and think about how much you are able to lift, for instance a large container maybe to heavy to lift when it is full. Potentially you will need 3 containers 1 for paper and card, 1 for glass and cans and 1 for plastic. There are a variety of different storage solutions available in the shops such as large supermarkets, DIY shops and homeware shops. Here are some examples of that have been given to us.

Don't forget someone will need to be responsible for making sure the bags get put out for collection at the correct time on the correct day.

Storage solution 1 Storage solution 2 Storage solution 3 Storage solution 4

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